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Liveries Unlimited AGA4-155 
1/144 Braniff 707-327Cs




Braniff International

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For Minicraft 1/144 Boeing 707-320

Allow me to paraphrase from the excellent instruction sheet:

In 1965 airliner livery was basically pinstripes and complicated logos. Determined to end the 'plain plane' situation, Braniff started painting its aircraft in a wide range of pastels. The colorful fuselage with white wings, tail, and tailplanes was a resounding success. It is unfortunate that the media success didn't transform itself into increased passengers. A switch to the two-tone color scheme didn't help and Braniff declared bankruptcy in 1971.

There were ten different fuselage colors, all of which are shown on the Liveries Unlimited instruction sheet. On the back of the sheet is a listing of all the 707-320 registration numbers and corresponding colors. Several aircraft wore more than one color during this time period. Since all of Braniffs 707-327Cs were cargo capable (that is what the 'C' stands for in the designation), there is also a cargo door decal included.

There is a full set of FS color estimates as well as matches for Testors paints. The sheet goes on to say that the color callouts for the fuselage are only estimates as the 1965 book from Braniff listing all the colors is something that is very difficult to find. 

While the sheet looks simple, it contains all that is needed to build a superb replica. It is designed for the Minicraft 1/144 Boeing 707-320B/C kit. If you have never done an airliner and want to build one that is colorful with minimal fuss, you couldn't pick a better sheet than this one.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

If you can't find their decals at your local hobby shop, you can order them direct from the link above.

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