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Liveries Unlimited AGA4-152 1/144 B.737-300




New York Air 

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Scott Van Aken


Also provides merger decals

The Boeing 737 has always been a favourite aircraft of mine. Not as much as the DC-9, but close! For years, the only 737 kit available was the -200. However, recently a -300 and -400 kit have been released by Minicraft, Revell offers the stretched -800, and the floodgates of airliner decals for this aircraft have been opened. My only flights on these newer 737s have been with Southwest Airlines and Icelandic Air. The Icelandic Air version was a much more roomy and comfortable aircraft than the people packer version that Southwest chose to buy.

Well, getting on to the decal sheet. This one is from the now defunct airline, New York Air. I did a DC-9 in these markings and it is a very nice scheme for a short-haul airliner. Liveries Unlimited has also provided a modified scheme for when Continental Airlines took over the company.

Since much of the decal sheet is white markings, I fear that they do not show up well in the scanned image. However, this sheet is just as complete as any others of Liveries Unlimited that I have seen and will make into a great model. You get the usual windows, cheatlines, wing emergency exits, and windshield wipers. You also get registrations for eight aircraft. Due to the strength of the red paint, these registrations are given in double so you can stack them and get a nice white. This is true of other smaller decals. The larger ones are double inked so shouldn't be a problem. You also get the decals for the post 1987 buyout before Continental could get around to repainting the aircraft.

One small goof is that the main sheet has the cheatlines and tail markings in silver. While this was done on the DC-9s, the 737-300s had these markings in white. LU recognized this and an addendum sheet is included in white to replace the silver ones. This did not reproduce on the scan so isn't shown. The only decal placement I can't find is for the US flags I assume that they go near the tip of the tail ad will have to check some photos to find out.

Overall, another superb sheet from Liveries Unlimited. If you can't find them in your favourite store, ask them to start carrying them or visit their website for a complete rundown of what is available.

Review copy courtesy Liveries Unlimited 

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