Aerodecal 07: 1/72 F-100D

Units: Thunderbirds




Scott Van Aken


Here is another really old sheet. This one is for the F-100D Thunderbirds. It is 1/72 scale and probably designed for the Hasegawa kit. I'm sure that the ESCI or Italeri kit would work just as well if that was all you had! :o)

Typical of these older sheets, it has to have the individual markings cut out of the single clear carrier film. There are enough full markings for one aircraft, but the numbers and crew markings are there to do any one of the nine planes. The underside markings will have to be masked and painted. It will also be a bit of a chore to apply all those small stars on the fin and stabs. Stripes are provided for the wing tips, though the white needs to be painted first as it does on the fin and horizontal stabs. Have fun!!

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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