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Aeromaster SP72-02 'Green Hearts'




JG 54

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


20 aircraft

The Green Hearts of JG 54 are almost legendary in the annals of the WWII Luftwaffe. Second only to JG 52 in the number of aircraft destroyed, their total of over 8500 enemy planes is a number that no Allied group could come close to matching. What made JG 54 particularly interesting is that they were not afraid to try different and unusual paint schemes on their aircraft. Add to that the large swaths of yellow that was required for Channel and later Eastern Front operations, and you get some pretty colorful aircraft.

This particular sheet covers Bf-109 and Fw-190s of various variants and also gives that aircraft of many of the units aces and personalities. The set includes two full sheets for the special aircraft markings as well as data for two Fw-190s and three Bf-109s. Insignia are given for about 6-7 aircraft and if you really wanted to do all 20 schemes, there are more than enough aftermarket sources for the insignia needed.

Doing a rundown of who and what are on the sheet would just produce a long list that few will actually read. However, I can say that there are two Bf-109E-3s, two Bf-109E-4s, four Bf-109F-2s, two Bf-109F-4s, one G-1 and one G-2. Switching to the Fw-190s, there are four Fw-190A-4s, a single A-5, two A-8s and a lone D-9. All the A-4 variants are in the winter camo.

While I don't know how well these special sheets sold in 1/72, it is a very worthwhile one to get if you are interested in WWII Luftwaffe. At less than a buck a scheme, it is also a bit of a bargain!

Review copy courtesy of me!

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