Aeromaster 72-216: Southern European Mustangs pt II

Units: 10 PRG




Scott Van Aken

This is the first full sheet of tac recce Mustangs I think I've seen. All the planes are from the 10 PRG  and most carry the blue and white checkers on the fin. All are in bare metal and have the black ID bands on the wings and tailplanes. The suggested kits are the Tamiya P-51 family, but none of those make a F-6C or F-6D straight from the box. The biggest change you'll have to make is to build some camera ports for the underside and the aft fuselage. Anyway, I'd think that you could use these markings on just about any 1/48 P-51 as only the fin tip and nose bands may not fit other kits.

First up is an F-6C from the 12 TRS and it carries a yellow and white checker band on the nose as well as a yellow spinner. It is called 'Hot Shot' from the Terry and the Pirates cartoon strip.

Next is a 15 TRS F-6C  with a black nose, D-Day stripes under the fuselage and no tail markings. This one has an impressive scoreboard on the nose and like the previous aircraft, has a Malcolm Hood.

The first F-6D on the sheet is 'Pride of the Blue Grass' from the 12 TRS. This one has a yellow and white checkered nose band and a yellow spinner.

The final aircraft is another F-6D, this time from the 15 TRS. This unnamed plane has the blue and white checkered nose band and has five kill markings.

The sheet provides enough stencils and insignia for one aircraft.

April 2005

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