Aeromaster 72-213: Southern European Mustangs pt I

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Scott Van Aken

Though Aeromaster doesn't do many 1/72 sheets, it is nice when they do and this one is a scaled down version of 48-668. Recommended kits are by Tamiya, but don't overlook those by other companies like Hasegawa, Airfix, Revell, Academy and so on. All these are in natural metal and the big difference between this and the 1/48 sheet is that there are insignia and data markings for two planes.

First up is the P-51B 'Chappie/Dixie' from the 2 FS/52 FG in their earliest markings. It has a red nose, yellow fuselage band and wing/stabilizer stripes.

Next is an F-6C from the 12 TRS/10 PRG. This one is called 'Shovelnose and Handlebar' after Bob Hope and Jerry Cologna who frequently entertained the troops. It has a yellow spinner and yellow gun muzzle covers. It also caries black ID stripes on the wings and stabilizers.

This next P-51D is also from the 2 FS/52 FG and is marked very much like the first plane save its yellow stripes are outlined in black and the red is also on the nose.

Finally, an F-6D from the 12 TRS named 'Tampa Joe'. It is marked exactly like its F-6C compatriot .

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