Aeromaster 72-210: Best Sellers - Luftwaffe Mediums pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Digging out a few favorites from earlier sheets, this one covers the He-111H of different versions. There are several kits available including Matchbox and Airfix, but the ones recommended are by Italeri and Hasegawa.

First up is an He-111H-14 of 1./Kr 100 in France during 1940. This one has the additional antennas for the X-Gerat homing device.

Next, in winter camo with a black underside to portions of the wing and stabs, is this H-6 variant from 2./Kr 27 in Russia during 1943. Red spinners and yellow lower wing tips and fuselage band.

From III./KG 3 is this H-22 version carrying a V-1. The standard camo has RLM 75 in irregular patches on the upper side. A huge yellow fuselage band and spinner tips add some color.

Finally, from III./KG 26 is this H-4 variant, again from Russia but in 1942.

Enough insignia to do them all so it is time to do a fleet!

January 2006

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