Aeromaster 72-208: Yellow Nose Mustangs of the 361st FG pt 2

Units: 361 FG




Scott Van Aken

Bringing more 1/48 sheets to 1/72, Aeromaster presents the second sheet of 361 FG Mustangs. All these planes are basically in bare metal with yellow spinners, forward and upper cowlings. There are a ton of 1/72 P-51Ds, but most will go with the Tamiya version.

First up is 'Gay Crusader'. This aircraft has a yellow rudder and wing tips. No ID bands and the canopy surround is black.

'Pegasis' is painted in a similar manner to the previous aircraft, except that the canopy surround is in yellow.

Finally, the famous 'Lou IV'. This one has Invasion stripes on the lower wing and fuselage with the upper surface of the fuselage and wings in Olive Drab. Many have depicted this plane in a blue vice OD color, but since other aircraft in the unit had the upper surfaces in OD, it only makes sense that this one would follow suit.

Thanks to this being 1/72, you get full insignia and data for all three planes. A set of ID stripes is also provided if needed.

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