Aeromaster 72-201: American Spitfires

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Scott Van Aken

One thing that constantly amazes me is that there seems to be a spurt of subjects of a specific type that happens all at the same time. For years we had little in the way of US Spitfires, now, in the space of but a few months we have sheets from Aeromaster, Superscale, and Victory Productions, all covering the same territory. True, there is little actual duplication of schemes, but where we had little, we now have enough to last us a long, long time. The benefit of the Aeromaster releases is that Aeromaster still does sheets for 1/72, for which I and others are very grateful. It is a shame that 1/72 doesn't seem to be as viable a market to many manufacturers as I'm sure that more people actually build in that scale world-wide than in the larger ones. Oh well.

There are five schemes in this sheet.

First is a definite RAF plane, complete with Brit roundels, but with a very fetching nose art, applied while the plane was stopped over in Greenland during a transatlantic flight. This Mk IX was flown by an American so that is why it is included. Standard RAF temperate scheme, but without the yellow wing leading edges.

Next is a desert scheme plane from the 309th FS/31st FG named 'Skipper'. IT has red outer wing bands and a red surround insignia.

From the 307th FS/31st FG, is this Spit Vb in temperate scheme while the group was based in England. No leading edge yellow markings and the old RAF markings have been completely over-painted in fresh Ocean Grey.

From the 309 FS is this late production Vc trop named 'Steve'. It is in a rather odd upper surface colors as what seems to be OD and Dark Earth with a sort of Azure Blue underside.

Finally from the 309th once again, is this temperate scheme Mk IX with the red outer wing bands and red surround insignia. The plane is called 'Porky II' and has the appropriate nose art!

There are a number of good kits for these planes from Airfix, Hasegawa and Tamiya. If you have others from Matchbox, KP, etc... they will work just as well. Aeromaster provides full insignia and data markings (where appropriate).

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