Aeromaster 72-200: Cubs in the Air

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Scott Van Aken  (Cardinals fan)

Now here is a decal sheet that I never thought I'd see. This one is for the very large Roden 1/72 AN-12 Cub. I initially thought it was some sort of  feel-good sheet for certain National League Chicago baseball fans..... ("wait till next year"..Ha-ha-ha-ha).

Anyway, the Roden decal sheet is large, well printed and is a real PITA to use. This one takes care of the lack of quality by offering schemes for five aircraft. Naturally, a big plane like this one is rarely camouflaged (though the Indian AF has some), and the prevailing scheme is overall medium grey. No FS number is recommended, but it seems as if RAF light aircraft grey might not be a good choice if a bit of dark grey is added to it.

You have basically three countries involved in this sheet. The first two are Russian with blue 17 being a 1993 scheme with the 535th OSAP. The other, red 94 was involved with moving men and equipment during the Soviet's departure from Germany in 1994. Both have blue spinner tips and silver grey leading edges to the flying surfaces. I think that may well be some sort of weathered bare metal. Check references.

Next is a Ukraine AN-12, blue 12 that is painted just like the Russian versions and from 1992. I do believe most AN-12s are probably out of service by this time, old Soviet equipment being generally expensive to maintain.

Finally two different Iraqi schemes. First is an 'airliner' scheme with white upper sides and a black cheat line from 1969. The other is in standard colors but with the area over the cockpit painted white to reflect the heat. This is a 1979 scheme. I imagine that there are no survivors after two major bombing campaigns against the Iraqi Air Force. It will be interesting to see what sort of equipment the 'new' Iraq will be using in the next few years.

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