Aeromaster 72-193; Fleet Air Arm pt 2

Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is a continuation of the Part 1 sheet reviewed here a while back. It is the usual batch of unusual aircraft units with the majority of them in the standard colors of Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG)/Dark Slate Grey over Sky.

The first plane is  a post-war French navy Seafire III from Esc 54 in French Indochina around 1948. It is is EDSG over sky.

Next is a Sea Hurricane IIc from 835 Sq circa 1944. It is in overall white with EDSG fuselage bands.

A Sea Hurricane XII from 800 Sq at the time of Operation Torch in 1942 is next. Though shown with Sky-Grey undersides, it could just as easily been Sky.

The Seafire II is from 809 sq aboard HMS Stalker in 1943. It is the only known Seafire to have carried a shark mouth.

From 756 Sq in Ceylon in 1944 comes this Swordfish II with SEAC roundels.

This Kingfisher I was assigned to 703 Sq in the UK in 1943. It has a name on the cowling and no roundels under the wings.

Next is a Swordfish II from 824 Sq aboard HMS Striker in late 1944. The sky underside color has been replaced with white and it has a black underside to the upper wing, a very unusual scheme indeed.

Finally is this 800 Sq Sea Hurricane Ib from August of 1942. It is in standard colors but sports a yellow fin and wing leading edges. Both white and sky codes are provided.

Again, a super sheet for the FAA fans out there.

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