Aeromaster 72-189: Debden Jugs pt 2

Units: 4th FG


$9.00 ($7.00 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken

Continuing on with the latest releases from Aeromaster is this second sheet of 4 FG P-47s. Again, they are all marked in OD over neutral grey with white fin and tail bands and a white nose cowl front. All of these planes have the red surround insignia adopted in mid 1943. Each of the fuselage insignia is in sections so that you can place them properly on and around the turbo exhaust doors.

First is 'The Missouri Kid' from the 334th FS. QP*L was a C model so you'll have to do some work on the cowl flaps for this one.

Another P-47C was 'Red Dog' from the 336 FS. As with many 4 FG Jugs, it used an RAF rear view mirror.

The first P-47D on the sheet is also from the 336 FS. This one is 'Sondra Lee' and in addition to the nose art has art work just below the windscreen.

Finally, from the 334th FS is 'Lilliput', another P-47D.

Regardless of which kit you use, this sheet will add some interest to your model.

As an additional note, the white bands and nose will have to be painted on as no stripes are supplied with the sheet.

Review sheet courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything at 20-30% below retail.

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