Aeromaster 72-188: Debden Jugs pt 1

Units: 4th FG


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Scott Van Aken

Coincidentally following the release of the new Academy P-47D razorback Thunderbolt comes the first of three new 1/72 sheet for the 'Jug'. This particular group of sheets all covers the 4th FG in the initial year or so of its combat debut in Europe. Many will tie in the 4th with the Mustang, but like a number of early arrivals to England, they were flying the P-47. You can read a plethora of books and magazine articles on the 4th, but it would be safe to say that it is the premier fighter unit of the USAAF and now USAF. They have always had the best equipment and generally, have been the first to be sent into battle. If you look at who was sent to battle Mig-15s with the then-new Sabre, you'll find the 4th. They seemed to have sat out Vietnam, but were in the thick of things during Desert Storm with their F-15Es.

Getting back to the sheet, this one covers five different P-47s. All are razorbacks and all are painted exactly the same way; OD over neutral grey with white fin/tail stripes and a white forward cowling. This was done so that 'friendlies' wouldn't mistake them for the FW-190 (a plane about half its size and weight!) What does set them apart is the very nice nose art on each one.

First is 'BEVOAPABML', a P-47C from the 336 FS. This one has the mid-1943 red surround insignia.

Next, from the 334th is 'Wela Kahao', another P-47C, though this time with the earlier yellow surround insignia. Note that the P-47C has fewer engine cowl flaps than the D so be aware of this when doing these markings.

'Miss Dallas' is a D model from the 334th. In addition to the yellow surround insignia, it has some fancy wheel covers.

The third 334th FS Jug is 'Little Butch'. Again, it has the yellow surround insignia.

Following up is an unnamed P-47D from the 335th FS. This one also has the red surround insignia.

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