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 Aeromaster 72-161 for A-3 Skywarrior




VAQ-131, VAK-308, VAH-10

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



To this modeler, there can never be enough stuff available for the A-3 Skywarrior. After years of begging for a kit of this plane in something besides vacuform, a few years back, Hasegawa produced an A-3B kit. It has since been released as an EKA-3B and KA-3B. Hopes for seeing an EA-3B or ERA-3B or RA-3B or TA-3B are pretty much up to the aftermarket people. There is enough difference in the fuselage so that you cannot easily do any of the latter three, especially the TA and EA versions that have windows in the right side and a large door in that side as well as a fuselage roof escape hatch. But we can always hope!

On this sheet are two different versions of the Whale. Aeromaster provides enough decals to do two of the schemes, as long as one of them is the VAQ-131 version as the fuselage insignia is part of a fuselage stripe. All are in light gull grey over white. There are no stencils provided. Those will have to come from the kit.

First is a VAQ-131 EKA-3B from the Kittyhawk in 1968. 

Next is a VAK-308 KA-3B from the Reserve squadron that was based in Alameda. This was one of the last units to fly the Whale. On a personal note, 147666 was an ex-VAQ-130 EKA-3B that a very young sailor worked on when he first entered the Navy. I have my doubts about the red tail on this plane as I have never seen a VAK-308 plane so painted.

Finally, an earlier KA-3B from VAH-10 aboard the Hancock, circa 1969. You haven't lived until you have seen an A-3 land on an Essex class carrier!

The instructions give you notes on how to modify the A-3B kit to do these versions, but since then all of the types are available as regular kits.

All in all a nice sheet. Now, where is my VAQ-130 bird!!!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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