Aeromaster 72-152:Thunderbolts Galore pt VII

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken


This very nice 1997 sheet covers five aircraft. Kits are not a problem as Academy and Hasegawa make very nice kits of both varieties. You can also find kits by Revell, Matchbox, Airfix and Lindberg in 1/72.

First is 'Miss Behave', a D-22 from the 82nd Fs/78th FG. It has a red/black checkered cowl and red rudder. Note that the colors are a bit odd with uppers in either RAF Dark Green or an especially dark US OD with Sky, Neutral Grey or natural metal undersides. Talk about choices!!

In bare metal is the next D-22 with a red cowl front and rudder from the 61st FS/56 FG. It has D-Day stripes on the lower fuselage.

From the 392FS/367 FG is this nice D-28 bubbletop with a full red cowling and a red cheat-line. It also has the additional fin fillet.

This D-28 from the 509FS/405 FG does not have the fin fillet. The forward cowl, ID stripes and canopy frames are in red.

Finally, another 82 FS aircraft with full lower D-day stripes and painted in Dark OD over bare metal. It could, of course, be like the first plane and be in RAF Dark Green over Sky. The canopy frame is in bare metal.

Review sheet courtesy of me

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