Aeromaster 72-151: Beaufighters part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Not that long ago, Hasegawa brought out several very nice 1/72 Beaufighter kits. These have not seemed to have been really hot sellers as they languished on store shelves for quite a while (well, at least around here they did). Hasegawa did its usual spate of redecaled boxings, but naught has been heard from the series since.

This sheet offers five different aircraft. One of the schemes is not shown.

First is an Aussie Mk 21 in overall Foliage Green. It has an interesting tail artwork that many Beaus sported while in RAAF service.

Next is another RAAF Beaufighter in a mixture of Foliage Green/Dark Earth over Pale Grey.

From 254 Sq RAF, comes this TF.X with all the late Beau mods, including the dorsal fin fillet and long nosed radar installation. It is in typical coastal command colors of Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky.

This 455 Sq Beau is in the same colors as the previous aircraft, but has included the black and white D-Day stripes.

Finally the unseen Beaufighter from 30 Sq RAAF is painted just like the second plane, but has the squadron codes LY*A.

Since this is a 1/72 sheet, there is room for insignia for all of the subjects on the sheet.

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