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Aeromaster 72-150 Whispering Death Pt 1




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Scott Van Aken



Hopefully you will have read the kit preview on the Hasegawa Beaufighter VI that was done a bit back. That will save my having to give a long and drawn out history of the type and cut down on the boredom factor for daily readers! For those of you not graduates of the California school system, you can readily figure out that I plan on using one of these schemes! Of course, that assumes that I'll build the kit. Like many of you, I buy more kits, decals and accessories than I will ever use, though I do plan on it when picking them up!

So lets look at what is on this sheet. As with other Aeromaster sheets in this scale, there are markings and insignia for all the choices. There is no stencil detail and that will have to be taken from the kit decal sheet.

The first aircraft is a Mk.X from 236 Sq. It is in Coastal Command colors of Dk Sea Grey (or Ocean Grey) over sky. It also has D-day stripes which are included in the sheet.

Next is a US Beau VIF from 416 NFS. This one is a very simple scheme and only has insignia, serial and aircraft number. While most of the 416ths Beaus had a long nose encapsulating a more modern radar, several had the older style with exposed antennas.

A Mk XXI from 22 Sq RAAF is the next one. Like most Aussie Beaus, this one is overall Foliage Green and only has a name to distinguish it from others.

A Battle of Britain Mk.I of 25 Sq is the next subject with standard Dk Green/Dk Earth over Sky color scheme.

Another MkXXI from 31 Sq RAAF is the next subject. It is also pretty standard but has white thermal paint on the exhaust, a rather unusual item.

Finally, a 604 Sq Mk VIF with the longer nose for the newer radar. This aircraft has no underwing roundels.

Fortunately, you don't have to use the old Frog or Airfix kit for this one as Hasegawa does most of these in 1/72, so you can have a fine model.

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