Aeromaster 72-141: Spitfires Down Under

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Scott Van Aken

For those who like their Spits with a decidedly southern flavor, this sheet should meet with your approval. There are a number of kits that are recommended for this sheet including the Hasegawa Spit VIII/IX, Revell Spit V, Airfix Spit V, and Matchbox Spit VII/IX. Frankly, most will not use the Matchbox kit. Missing from the list is the KP Spit IX which, to my understanding, isn't a bad kit. There are undoubtedly others. Stay far away from the old Airfix Spit IX as it is quite crude and if you see the Starfix Spit, run very far away from it very fast!

The first aircraft is a Spit Vc from 457 Squadron in NSW circa 1943. It is painted in the colors of RAF dark earth and RAAF dark green over RAF azure blue with a sky blue spinner and spinner. It has the white wing leading edge common to Australian aircraft. It also has that horrid tropical filter.

Next is a similarly painted Spit Vc from 452 Sq at Darwin in mid 1943. It is lacking the fuselage band and is named 'Junior with a nice fuselage art. It is also burdened by that filter.

The first Mk. VIII is this white tailed 79 Sq plane from Morotai, New Guinea in 1945. It is painted in RAF dark green and a mixed green over RAF medium sea grey. The instructions guess that the mixed green is similar to RAF interior green. No info is given for the olive drab color near the aft fuselage. The spinner is green.

The final Spit is a shark-mouthed 457 Sq Mk.VIII also on Morotai in 1945. This one is in RAF dark green and ocean grey over medium sea grey. IT has a red spinner and is sporting what is called in the instructions as a slipper tank on the belly. Most references I know of call it a long range ferry tank as it did cut back on performance quite a bit.

The decal sheet includes insignia for all four aircraft and common data markings for two of them. A nicely done stencil guide is also included.

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