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 Aeromaster 72-135, He-112




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Scott Van Aken


 Due to the usual political machinations of the time, the He-112 lost out to the Bf-109. This is considered by historians to be rather unfortunate, as the He-112 was actually the better aircraft is many respects. However, the 109 could be built cheaper and faster. This was a very large influence on the decision as it was imperative to planners that the air force be built up a quickly as possible.

Heinkel was allowed to export his design and so it was sold to a number of other countries where it was used effectively. It would have been interesting to see what kind of aircraft the 112 could have become were it allowed to be produced and modernized as was the 109.

The sheet includes 6 schemes, all using the Heller kit as it is the only 1/72 He-112 available. The first scheme is for a Spanish 112 circa 1943 when the aircraft was woefully obsolete. This aircraft was successful in downing a stray P-38F.

Next is a Luftwaffe JG 132 aircraft. These aircraft were quickly put into squadron service during Hitler's territory-grabbing times of 1938/39. Once replaced with 109s, they were returned to Heinkel.

An overall RLM 63 over 65 Spanish 112 from 1939 is next. All Spanish 112s had a black leading edge to the wings. I haven't a clue why.

Hungary obtained a number of B-2 variants of the 112 in 1940 when these planes were still quite modern and effective. There are two sets of markings for Hungarian 112s, the early arrow markings and later white cross versions.

Finally, a Rumanian He-112 in post war markings. This was one of the last He-112s left in service and wasn't withdrawn until 1946. It is on an overall light grey with white wing and fuselage markings.

All in all, a number of rather colorful schemes for this very interesting aircraft.

Review copy courtesy of my ever-expanding decal collection.

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