Aeromaster 72-128: P-47 'Thunderbolts Galore V'

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Can't have enough 'jugs', can we? Here is a very nice sheet for the P-47D in many guises for the 1/72 builder. All of these are in natural metal with an OD anti-glare panel. None of the bubble-tops are shown with the additional fin fillet. All planes are equipped with wing pylons.

The recommended kits for this 1996 sheet are the Hasegawa or Jo-han kits. Since then, Academy has produced a nice pair of Jugs that should work just as well. If you have them in your stash, you could probably get away with the Airfix razorback as well. I can't think of any others, but I'm sure that a reader will let me know if I've missed any!

First is 'The Turtle/#9', a P-47D-22  from the 509th FS/405th FG. It is in the usual red trim on the nose and tail bands. This aircraft is shown with a Malcolm hood. Don't forget that this plane uses a Hamilton Standard prop.

Next is a D-30 from the 356th FS/354th FG. It has D-Day stripes under the fuselage and the standard black tail bands found on the P-47. The nose is white with a starred blue band. As a -30, it has the asymmetrical Curtiss Electric prop and probably should have the small fin fillet as well. I suggest checking references.

From the 22nd FS/36th FG is this P-47D-22. This aircraft has a red nose and yellow rudder along with the D-day and P-47 ID stripes. It also has a canopy frame in either OD or maybe red.

This P-47D-30 from the 81st FS/50th FG has a all of its color markings in red, including the P-47 ID bands. It takes an asymmetrical Curtiss-Electric prop and also might have the fin fillet. The fillet was standard on the -35 and retrofitted to many earlier bubble-tops, so check references on this one.

Finally, from the 405th FS/371st FG is this D-26. It has the asymmetrical prop and fuselage D-day stripes. The cowling  and prop hub are blue with the P-47 ID stripes in black.

The sheet provides insignia and tail stripes for all the lanes. Those that have the fifth insignia have that included as well.

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