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Aeromaster 72-053 for Fw-190F





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Scott Van Aken


"Butcher Birds part 3"

Well you know, there are times when you just can't have enough FW-190 decal sheets. Of course the odds of my using all the schemes on them is quite remote, but it is very nice to have a choice of what to do. Guess it all boils down to having something 'unique'. Well, as unique as the other 500 sheets that have been printed anyway!!

Actually, it isn't as far fetched as one would think. If you look back to all the different shows and magazines and web sites you have visited looking at model photos, I would bet that a vast majority of those models have been in markings that you have not seen somewhere before. Other than those of famous aces and a few others with special markings, the ability to show a model in markings that haven't been seen on a kit is pretty high.

On to what's on this sheet. As you can see, they are all quite similar to each other in paint and markings. All but the second plane are from 'an unknown unit' and all are late war.

Yellow 11  is in RLM 82/75/76 with a yellow rudder and forward cowling.

Next is an aircraft from SG4, again with a yellow rudder and forward cowling. This one also has a yellow spinner, fuselage band and wing tips. It is painted in RLM 74/75/76.

Green 2 is in RLM 82/75/76 with a yellow rudder and nose stripe. There is almost no mottling on this aircraft.

The next aircraft is also in RLM 82/75/76 but this time with a green rudder.

Finally an RLM 74/75/76 aircraft with a yellow nose stripe and a red rudder. I can only assume that the last three are from the same group, but different squadrons.

You get enough common markings for all five aircraft and enough data for three of them. The suggested kit is the very nice Hasegawa Fw-190F-8, though they should work equally as well on the Italeri, Airfix, and Heller versions.

Review copy courtesy of me!

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