Aeromaster 72-042 for FW-190A




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Scott Van Aken


'Reich Defense Part III'`

Now I know that you cannot get enough Fw-190s. Actually, that should be that you cannot get enough 1/72 FW-190s. Heaven only knows that you can find the 1/48 versions just about every time you log onto an on-line magazine or go to a contest. For some reason the 1/72 versions are not as plentiful. Perhaps that is just a perception and they are all over the place, just not brought out into the light of day!

Well, I have been on a crusade to buy any Aeromaster decal sheet that I think I will ever need. What has happened is that my decal collection is starting to make my late kit collection look like it was small! However, decals don't take up that much space and I really will need these sometime in the future! No, really!

Anyway, this sheet has five quite nice subjects, all from 1945 and most of them are in late war colors of RLM 81/82 over RLM 76. So let's start with the top image:

Black 6 is an FW-190A-8 from an unknown unit. It has a nice yellow cowl band and rudder.

Red 3 is another A-8 from KG 51. This one has the later 'blown' hood.

Also with the blown hood is yellow 1, another A-8 from II./JG11 in Denmark. This one has a replacement tail in RLM 74/75.

Next is black 1 in RLM 74/75/76. This KG 300 Fw-190A-6 is unusual in the fuselage demarcation line and in having a black underside.

Finally, is green 3, an FW-190A-8 from an unknown gruppe stab. In addition to the yellow rudder, this plane is missing the lower landing gear covers.

Any of these five schemes will look pretty cool on your FW-190. And you have a couple of very good kits to choose from. Hasegawa came out with a new tool FW-190 back about 10 or so years ago that had more detail and engraved panel lines. It is probably the most accurate of the small scale 190s. Academy also does a nice FW-190 that is well detailed. Just recently, Revell of Germany released a series of FW-190As that looks rather nice. Both the Academy and Revell kits retail for about a third less than the Hasegawa version, though any one of the three makes a nice model.

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