Aeromaster 72-007: 56 FG P-47D/M Thunderbolt

Units: 56 FG


$6.50 when new (1995) - now out of production


Scott Van Aken

Here is another oldie for you. Dating from 1995, this sheet covers some of the more interestingly painted P-47D/M Thunderbolts from the 56th FG in the last months of the war. The sheet suggests the Hasegawa or Jo-Han kit (both suitably modified) as a basis for this project, but at this time, most of us will choose the newer Tamiya kits.

There are markings for five aircraft on this sheet, and it looks as if there are enough insignia for you to do three of them if you choose wisely. The accompanying image of the cover sheet only shows four, but the fifth is on the back of the instructions and will be described. All of the planes shown have red forward cowlings and unpainted undersides. Research has shown that this unpainted metal often came up over the forward section of the wings and tailplanes. Canopy frames on all of these planes remained unpainted. Unless stated, the aircraft is a P-47M, so at a minimum the dorsal fin fillet is needed.

First up is 'Dottie Dee II' from the 63rd FS, it has a black and blue disruptive scheme with the blue also extending to the rudder and serial number.

Next one is from the 63rd FS and has a semi-gloss black upper surface with red rudder and red code/serial. The fuselage and upper wing insignia are with a light blue surround.

'Ole Cock III' is a P-47D-25 from the 61st FS. This one has colors of Dark Green/Medium Grey on the upper surfaces. The rudder is red and this plane has invasion stripes on the lower fuselage and wings.

'Fire Ball' is a 63 FS aircraft with blue rudder and serial number. It is camouflaged in Dark and Light Blues.

Finally, Dave Schilling's P-47D (not shown). As group commander, his plane has Dark Green/Medium Grey uppers with Light Grey undersides. The rudder is yellow and there are US insignia under both wings. His plane also has invasion stripes under the wings and fuselage.

In all, a nice sheet and worth seeking out.

January 2006

Review sheet courtesy of me and digging through the piles at swap meets.

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