Aeromaster 72-006: European P-51D Mustangs

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$5.00 back in 1993


Scott Van Aken

Here we are with another very early Aeromaster sheet. Odd to think that it has been that long, but it has. Typical with these older sheets, the price was reasonable and the markings guide in black and white. Also typical is that the old Hasegawa P-51D was the recommended kit. Nowadays, we have several more modern options and I'd be willing to bet that most builders would be using the Tamiya 1/72 kit for this sheet.

There are four schemes on this sheet, all with the requisite insignia. They would be bare metal except for the painted aluminum wings.

First is 'Glamorous Glen III', of the 363rd FS/357th FG flown by Capt. Charles Yeager. His Mustang has the red rudder of the 363rd, though that color is not mentioned in the instructions. Invasion stripes under the fuselage are limited to one white and two black stripes, though the wing stripes show the total of five stripes as is the norm.

From the 356th FS/354th FG is 'The Prodigal Son' of Lt Bart Tenore. It has a white spinner with a blue band behind it. This plane has no fin fillet. ID bands on the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

'Daddy's Girl' is a 370 FS/359 FG P-51D flown by Capt Ray Wetmore. It has a bright green nose and spinner with a blue rudder as well as ID bands on wings and stabilizers.

Finally, from the 359th FS/356 FG is 'Bobby Socks' of Capt Jack Brown. It has a yellow spinner, canopy frame and rudder with a red upper cowling, a colorful plane to say the least.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my diminishing bank account.

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