Aeromaster 72-004: Pacific Mustange

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Scott Van Aken

Some of the more colorful Mustang units were in the Pacific. Unfortunately, these units were relatively short-lived as the Pacific war ended shortly after many of them were formed.

All of the aircraft on this sheet are in bare metal with OD anti-glare panels. For kits, there are several nice ones, but the Tamiya kit will undoubtedly be the choice of those who seek the latest and greatest, though the Hasegawa kits are still quite nice, even the really old one.

'Lil Butch' is from the 47 FS/15 Fg and has markings in blue and yellow.

From the 46 FS/21 FG is 'Tiny Gay Baba'. Markings are a medium blue with black bands. The blue in this case needs to be painted.

From the 342 FS/348 FG is this banded Mustang, "Lady Marion". The black wing and fuselage bands were standard fighter recognition marks in the Philippines.

'Lil Lassie' is from the 341st FS and the same group as the previous plane. This P-51K has a different tail band and nose color from the previous aircraft. Also note that the insignia has a bare metal surround where the black stripes are applied. This will be interesting to mask.

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