Aeromaster 48-797: The Iwo Jima Mustangs part 4

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Scott Van Aken

Now for the last of the new releases. Again, there are four very nice options with the Tamiya kit being the one for which they were sized. All in unpainted metal (aside from the wings, but you know about that). All but one has unshrouded exhaust and all have the twin VHF antennas on the spine and the lower antenna below the fuselage.

#1 is from the 47 FG/15 FG and has their black and yellow markings. The ones on the spinner will need to be painted. The rest are supplied as decals.

Second is 'Shrimp IV' from the 531 FS/21 Fg. White with black trim in the motif with the spinner, wing tips and tailplane tips needing the white painted.

Third is 'Mary Alyce' from the 46 FS/21 FG. This one has some very nice artwork and blue markings with a black band. The blue will need painted and covers the spinner, wing and tail plane tips as well as the tail fin.

Finally 'Stinger VII' and aircraft featured earlier, but with earlier markings. This one in green with black bands. Actually, I like this one more.

There are enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft. If you want to do more, hit the spares bin or use kit markings.

July 2006

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