Aeromaster 48-796: The Iwo Jima Mustangs part 3

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Scott Van Aken

Round three has four more nice late war Pacific Mustangs. Again, Tamiya is the recommended kit and again, they are in unpainted metal with OD anti-glare panels. Dual IFF antennas on the spine and a lower radio antenna on the fuselage.

This blue-tailed Mustang is 'The Boll Weevil' from the 458 FS/506 FG. It carries a nice mission tally and nose artwork.

From the 462 FS/506 FG is 'Hon Mistake' with a nice yellow empennage. Probably the most  involved nose art of all the Iwo Mustangs.

From the 45 FS/15 FG is this green tipped Mustang 'Stinger VII'. It has quite a tally on the side of the nose.

Finally, another Insignia Blue striped Mustang from the 458 FS/506 FG. 'Delta Queen' also has a nice Bugs Bunny nose art and twin stripes on the spinner.

Insignia for two and data markings for one along with the very nice highly detailed nose art decals.

July 2006

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