Aeromaster 48-794: The Iwo Jima Mustangs part 1

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Scott Van Aken

This is quite a timely surprise as I recently finished reading about airpower and Iwo Jima with Specialty Press' new book on the subject. This sheet has markings for no fewer than four aircraft; all in unpainted metal with OD anti-glare panels. The suggested kit is by Tamiya, but you could use any other brand, though the more complex decals may not fit exactly right.

First up is 'Margaret IV' from the 78th FS/15th FG. This one has a black and yellow tail band, spinner and wing/tailplane tips. The black portions are included and you'll need to paint the yellow.

Next is 'My Achin!' from the 531 FS/21 FG. This one has quite a mission tally on it and has white for the the spinner, tail and wing bands. The black stripes for the wing is supplied though you'll have to paint the back of the spinner.

'Madam Wham-Dam' is from the 458 FS/506 FG and and sports Insignia Blue stripes on the rear of the aircraft. Three different background options are provided for the right side artwork.

Finally, 'Tallahassee Lassie' is from the 462 FS/506 FG with the full yellow empennage.

All these aircraft have twin IFF antennas on the fin and a shorter one on the lower fuselage. There are enough insignia and common markings for one of these planes. The super detailed nose art markings have a white background and care should be used when working with these as the decals are quite thin.

 July 2006

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