Aeromaster 48-789: Thunderbolts pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

Moving on to non 56 FG P-47s, this sheet covers no fewer than four aircraft. Again, the Hasegawa/Tamiya offerings are recommended, but you could probably use others with no ill effect.

First up is an unpainted 84 FS/78 FG P-47D-25, 'Old Smoothie'. It carries full invasion stripes along with the black tail ID stripes. The aircraft uses the Hamilton Standard prop. The nose checks are designed for the Tamiya kit.

Second is a P-47D-30 with the C.E. symmetrical paddle bladed prop. 'Look, no hands' is from the 509 FS/405 FS and has red on the forward cowl, prop hub, canopy frame and ID stripes. Note that this has the fin fillet and the covered wheel hubs.

An early P-47D, 'Kathleen Ann' is from the 360 FS/356 FG. This one does not deviate from the specified markings of white cowl front and tail ID stripes.

Same for the final plane, a P-47C from the 334 FS/4 FG 'Indianapolis'. As a C model you'll need to fill in a few cowl flaps and remove or not install wing pylons.

There are two sheets with enough insignia to do two of the options. This sheet also includes some highly detailed artwork markings that really enhance these models.

July 2006

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