Aeromaster 48-788: Wolfpack pt XI

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

Next P-47 sheet is once again for the Tamiya or Hasegawa kits and if you want to use others, go for it.

First up is a P-47D-4, 'El Shaf-toe' from the 61 FS. Normal OD over Neutral Grey with Red forward cowling and rudder. The prop hub is red with a tight black spiral. You can model this one without wing pylons if you wish for the photo proof is there.

Also from the 61st FS, is this P-47D-15 'Pistol Packin Mama', also in OD over Neutral Grey with Red forward cowling and Rudder. This and the previous aircraft have the standard 12'2" C.E. prop.

Finally, a P-47D-28, 'Teddy', from the 62 FS. RAF Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green over unpainted metal. The canopy/windscreen frame is also unpainted, but it does have a red forward cowling and yellow rudder. Invasion stripes on the lower side of the fuselage. CE. 13'1" symmetrical prop.

Enough insignia to do any two of the options. The nose art on two of these planes is the highly detailed variety which require a bit of extra effort but are so well worth it.

June 2006

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