Aeromaster 48-787: Thunderbolts part 1

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Scott Van Aken

When dealing with decal subjects and WWII, it seems that the popularity for USAAF addicts is a tight battle between P-51 and P-47s. Of late, they have both been getting quite a bit of attention from decal makers. This sheet covers three P-47Ds in various schemes. The recommended kits are by Tamiya or Hasegawa. Though you can, of course, use others, the larger markings may not fit precisely.

First up is 'Queen City Mama' from the 487 FS/352 FG in a pretty standard scheme for P-47Ds of this time. It includes a white cowling front and tail bands. Don't forget to use a 12'2" Curtiss-Electric prop.

Next is a 392 FS P-47D-28 with the C.E. symmetrical paddle bladed prop. 'Just Bess' has a red cowling and prop hub. It has also been retrofitted with the fin fillet and the forward fin has OD on it as well.

The final P-47D from the 351 FS/353 FG has some sort of light grey painted on the upper surface in a disruptive scheme. It has D-day stripes on the lower wings and fuselage along with a C.E. symmetrical paddle bladed prop; an upgrade in this case

Looks like enough insignia on the two sheets to do them all, so that is nice and should allow you to really add onto your collection.

June 2006

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