Aeromaster 48-786: Wolf Pack part XI

Units: 56th FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with more P-47 sheets, this one covers five razorback aircraft from the 56th FG. The recommended kit is by Tamiya or Hasegawa. If you have a Monogram or Otaki or Hawk kit in the stash, I'm sure they would benefit from this sheet as well. Unless stated, the aircraft are in OD over Neutral grey.

First is Robert Johnson's P-47 with which he scored his 24th and 25th victories. It has the red cowling and rudder that the 56th started using in early 1944.

In a very similar scheme is Francis Gabreski's P-47D from the same period. Note that this one has a white spinner tip with a red spiral. This is from March 1944.

From a period slightly earlier than that is Fred Christiensen's P-47D. Fred was the first 8th AF pilot to score six victories in a single mission. His 'Rosie Geth' has a while cowl front and white ID bands on the rudder and tail planes.

A most interesting modification is this twin seat P-47D called 'Category E' that was used haul VIPs and for a general Hack. It should be a challenging modification and AeroMaster provides two paint schemes for it; one in Dk Green/Ocean Grey over Neutral Grey and the other in two blues over unpainted metal. The instructions have more information on this one for you.

There are enough insignia to do two of the aircraft. You'll also note that the nose artwork has been done in high quality printing. You simply place this over the provided white background markings.

May 2006

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