Aeromaster 48-785: Wolf Pack part X

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

How about more P-47s. Sure, why not. These are more aircraft from the 56th FG and there are four more schemes on this one. Once again, Tamiya or Hasegawa P-47s are recommended, but don't forget those older Monogram, Otaki or Testors/Hawk kits as they'd like some new markings as well.

First is Billy Eden's 62nd FS aircraft, properly festooned with invasion stripes on the undersides. This one has medium green sprayed over the normal OD upper surface paint. Add the red cowl front and yellow rudder and you have a most interesting looking aircraft.

Next, from the 63rd FS is 'El Diablo/Eleanor III' from Anthony Cavallo in early 1944. This one is very standard with the white cowl front and ID bands on the tail planes.

'Louisiana Pirate' is Robert Landry's aircraft, also in the standard colors with ID bands and forward cowl in white.

Finally Don Smith's 'Ole Cock III' from the 61st FS. This late war aircraft is in Dark Green/Medium Grey over unpainted metal with red forward cowl and rudder. Invasion stripes on the underside of the wings and fuselage.

As with some other sheets in this series, there is an additional sheet for insignia and one with the highly detailed nose art. These nose art markings fit atop white backgrounds. One carefully cuts out the artwork as the printing process places them on a sheet with a solid clear carrier.

May 2006

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