Aeromaster 48-784: The Wolf Pack part VIII

Units: 56 FG




Scott Van Aken

The Second P-47M sheet includes four more interesting options. Once again, the Tamiya P-47M is recommended, and once again these all have unpainted undersides and upper surface wing and horizontal stabilizer leading edges.

First is 'Fireball' from the 63rd FS. This one has two shades of blue for the upper sides along with a red cowling and blue rudder. The serial number matches the blue of the rudder.

Next is 'Dee' of the 61st FS. As with those that are overall black or midnight blue, it has light blue surround insignia. Red on the rudder and forward cowling.

Third is 'Bernyce' fo the 63rd FS. it also has the two blues upper surface. The cowling is red as on all 56 FS Thunderbolts at this time. Blue rudder.

Finally a 63rd FS aircraft with the red cowling and blue rudder. Note that the 'Z' is not horizontal. An addendum sheet has been included to provide the properly skewed markings.

As with the other sheet, enough insignia for two planes. Upper wing camo patterns are shown in the instructions.

Late Note. One is that P-47Ms generally did not have wing pylons as the removal of them would boost the speed by 20mph so leave them off your model. Secondly, the folks at Aeromaster state that the lighter of the two fuselage blues is probably not Azure Blue, a color not generally found in the UK as it was a desert color and so shipped to the areas where those shades would be used. They surmise that when one has Insignia Blue (as was probably used for the darker shade) and white, it would be easy enough to mix up something and not have to delve into the RAF supply system for a non-Northern Europe camo color. Makes sense to me.

March 2006

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