Aeromaster 48-782: F-100D Super Sabre pt VI

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Scott Van Aken


This is a continuation of the excellent F-100D sheets produced over the last year. There are two 1/48 F-100D kits; ESCI and Monogram. Of the two, the Monogram kit is still the best and the one for which this sheet is fitted. The Monogram kit is a later F-100D so to back date it to a 50's jet, you will have to be careful as to what bits to use. The instructions give much advice in this area.

First up is the wing commander's aircraft from the 50th TFW. The aircraft was assigned to the 81st TFS at Toul-Rosieres AFB, France in 1958.

The other is from the 492 TFS/48 TFW while based at Chaumont AB, France in 1959. In this case the modeler needs to paint the fin white prior to applying the fin badge.

The sheet includes insignia for both aircraft, though the wing 'USAF' will have to come from the kit or other source. A separate stencil sheet for one aircraft is included that also has a selection of 'remove before flight' tags for your ordnance.

May 2006

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