Aeromaster 48-780: Aussie Spitfires pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

Now for the fourth RAAF Spitfire sheet. If you have a 1/48 Spitfire VIII kit, then you can use this sheet. There are four very nice schemes on this particular one.

First one is from 457 Sq based on Morotai during mid 1945. It has a white spinner, fuselage band and wing leading edge. A nice sharkmouth adds to the appeal. Standard temperate camo scheme.

Next is a 452 Sq aircraft while based in Northern Territory in mid 1944. This one has RAAF Foliage Green over RAAF Sky Blue with a black spinner. This aircraft was highly polished for more speed.

From 79 Sq while at Morotai in 1945 is this RAF Dark Earth/RAAF Foliage Green over RAF Azure Blue aircraft. It has a sky spinner with white wing leading edges and a white tailplane. The white has started to peel away showing the underlying fin flash.

Finally, in similar colors to the previous plane is "Hava Go Jo" with a green spinner and, as with all RAAF fighters of the time, a white leading edge to the wings.

Full insignia for all options so get busy building!

May 2006

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