Aeromaster 48-774: Blue Diamond Mustangs of the 356th pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

The second sheet of 356 FG aircraft is a bit different from the first in that it includes a superbly printed addition in terms of nose art. The set includes the masks for the red portion just like the previous sheet and also has data and ID bands for one and insignia for two. The sheet is designed for the Tamiya P-51D, though should work on others.

First up is 'Jackie' of the 360 FS. It is the aircraft of John Crump and has the red spinner, canopy frame and rudder of this unit. It also has a rather nice red/blue striped spinner. Aeromaster provides the blue part as a decal so no worries on this fitting. This aircraft has the 'greyed out' fuselage insignia. The unpainted metal band through the rudder is supplied as a decal.

The other is also from the 360 FS. 'Dotty' is Eugene Turner's plane and though the markings are standard for this unit, there is a very nice nose art for this one. Aeromaster provides these as a high quality addition and a spare is provided in case it is needed.

February  2006

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