Aeromaster 48-773: Blue Diamond Mustangs of the 356th pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet of a series on the Mustangs of the 356th. Though the Tamiya kit is the one for which these decals were designed, a bit of fudging should have these work on any of the other 1/48 P-51Ds out there. Aeromaster includes a mask (lower left) for the red portion on the nose, as it seems every aircraft was just a bit different from the others. A nice touch. The sheet also includes the black wing and empennage ID bands for one aircraft and insignia for both. There is also one set of stencils. All of these are unpainted metal aside from the wings which, as you know, were filled in and painted aluminum lacquer to provide the smoothest surface possible.

The first plane on this sheet is 'The Lord is My Shepard' of Harold Whitmore. Though the squadron isn't given, it is the 361st and has its blue spinner, canopy frame, and rudder.

The other option is from the 360th Squadron and has a red nose and rudder and canopy frame. The aircraft is Preston Easley's 'The Virginia Squire'.

Modelers will notice that the shade of blue for the diamonds is not the same on both planes.

February 2006

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