Aeromaster 48-771: Blue Diamond Mustangs pt 1

Units: 356 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is the first of what are sure to be several sheets on the very colorful aircraft of the 356 FG. The recommended kit is by Tamiya, but there are equally usable kits by Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki and others that could well be used for this sheet. Each aircraft has a somewhat unique red nose and Aeromaster has provided templates for these. You can either paint the red first then use the template as a mask or cut out the template area and then paint the red. Your choice. Both options are in unpainted metal.

First up is 'Margie Darling of Robert Barnhart. This aircraft has a red spinner, rudder and canopy frame with blue stripes on the spinner.

The other is 'Starduster' wit a blue spinner and canopy frame with a yellow rudder. Like the previous option, this one has the black ID bands on the wings and tail planes. Invasion stripes under the fuselage add to the color.

The sheet provides enough common markings for one aircraft. There are also extra blue diamonds in case they are needed. Once again, there is a high quality nose art marking. One simply puts down the white background and then applied the nose art to it.

April 2006

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