Aeromaster 48-770: Seafires at War part 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second Seafire sheet is also for the Airfix Seafire III or Tamiya/Hasegawa Spitfire V. Again there are a combination of schemes. The FAA colors are Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky, while the RAF scheme is Dark Green/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey.

First up is an FAA scheme Seafire IIc from 807 Sq during the Salerno landings of September 1943. It has red code letters and the standard Mediterranean ID red spinner.

Next is another Seafire IIc, but this time in RAF colors. Aside from the odd placement of its 885 Sq code letters, it is quite normal. These aircraft operated out of Northern Ireland in mid 1944.

From 894 Sq in the East Indies during early 1945, this Seafire III has the small SEAC roundels on its FAA scheme. You can spot the areas repainted for these new roundels.

Finally another RAF scheme  for this 885 Sq Seafire III. It operated from the UK during June 1944, covering the Normandy landings, that is why the full Invasion Stripes. You may note that the empennage is a replacement and still in RAF primer colors.

The sheet includes markings for all so grab your kits and have at it!

February 2006

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