Aeromaster 48-739: The 55 FG at War pt 2

Units: 55 FG




Scott Van Aken

The second sheet for the 55th FG also includes three aircraft from the same two squadrons as the first. Once again, the recommended kit is by Tamiya but feel free to use your Hasegawa, Monogram, Hawk, Otaki..... kit. Because these markings are not very decal intensive, there are insignia for all three options and data markings for one. All planes have a green/yellow checker nose where the modeler has to paint the green before applying the yellow parts.

First up is 'Miss Velma' from the 343rd FS. This unit had the fuselage and upper tail planes painted in Olive Drab with the forward lower section in unpainted metal with a red dividing stripe (provided on the sheet). The rudder is in yellow making for a very fancy plane.

Next is 'Mick #3 from the 338 FS. This aircraft has a green rudder and green panel on the lower nose. Black fin and tail plane stripe with black for the anti-glare panel (this last item being a bit unusual).

Finally, 'The Milly P', probably the first Mustang that children of my generation remember with the markings the same as the first option. It was that prancing horse on the fin of a green painted plane (thanks to Revell's lack of research), that got me interested in WWII fighters. (Late Note: I've been contacted by several readers who think this should be 'The Millie G'.

An extra sheet includes all the various ID bands needed for all three options.

January 2006

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