Aeromaster 48-733: Early Scooters

Units: VA-12 & VA-93




Scott Van Aken

A nice surprise is this sheet of early A-4 Skyhawks. These planes were among the better performing of the series as they were rather limited in the amount of ordnance they could carry. The suggested kits for this sheet are by Hasegawa and Hobbycraft. Both are in the Light bull grey over white scheme.

First is an A-4B from the USS Essex in the early 1960s. As it is a CAG bird, it has a nice colored band on the fuselage and red ship name on the back. The rudder on this one is not white as one normally sees. No upper wing walk marking on this or the other aircraft on the sheet.

Next is an A-4C from VA-93, then aboard the USS Enterprise. On both aircraft, the inner and outer intake warning stripes are provided. Note that the wing tanks on this plane has a more rounded rear section and neither seem to have fins.

Insignia and common data markings for both aircraft. In addition there are anti-glare panels for both and tail hook stripes for one.

September 2005

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