Aeromaster 48-732: Valiant Vigis part 2

Units: RVAH 13 and RVAH 14




Scott Van Aken

Adding to the flood of new sheets for the Trumpeter 1/48 Vigilante comes this second new sheet from Aeromaster. Both of the aircraft on this sheet are in the light gull grey over white scheme. Aeromaster suggests painting the leading edge slats with FS 36231, dark gull grey. The reasoning being that they think this part of the plane was actually done in corroguard and that is the closest shade. An interesting concept and one that does make sense.

The first aircraft on the sheet is from RVAH-13 aboard the USS Enterprise in 1972-73, during one of the Enterprise's many Vietnam war cruises.

The other is from RVAH-14. This aircraft was aboard the USS Independence during her 1973 Med cruise.

One should note that the Trumpeter kit is not an impossible prospect. Basically, it has three problems. One is that the fin isn't exactly the right shape. Rounding off the upper forward corner will help. It also has a bevy of rivet detail that isn't on the real plane. Either fill them in or live with it. The final is that the upper spine isn't tall enough. This glitch is so slight that it really isn't noticeable unless you are looking at the model in full profile. Even then, you have to know it is too low to realize it.

Insignia and common data markings for one aircraft.

May 2005

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