Aeromaster 48-731: Valiant Vigis part 1

Units: RVAH 11 and RVAH 12




Scott Van Aken

Adding to the flood of new sheets for the Trumpeter 1/48 Vigilante comes this sheet from Aeromaster. Both of the aircraft on this sheet are in the light gull grey over white scheme. Aeromaster suggests painting the leading edge slats with FS 36231, dark gull grey. The reasoning being that they think this part of the plane was actually done in corroguard and that is the closest shade. An interesting concept and one that does make sense.

The first aircraft on the sheet is from RVAH-11 aboard the USS Constellation during 1972's Linebacker operations. This one has a shark mouth on the intake warning triangle. It seems that this plane has the straight edge intake.

The second option is a RVAH-12 aircraft from the USS Enterprise during the last Vietnam war cruise of 1975. An unusual feature of this aircraft is the red radome, something one doesn't see too often. Couple of notes on this one. You'll see that the serial provided in the sheet is different from the one on the cover art.  Not a problem as RVAH-12 had both serials with the nose number 601. However, the nose number in reference photos is block and not slanted back. Also the red for the intake warning triangle fills the triangle. A simple paint job. The nose stripe has 6 smaller stars vice 5 large ones as on the sheet, but that isn't something you can fix.

Insignia and common data markings for one. After all, how many people are going to build more than one of these!

May 2005

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