Aeromaster 48-726: F-100D Super Sabre pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

Two more neat F-100Ds on this sheet. Again, Monogram's kit is the preferred one (until we get a new tool Hun). Both are from the 1958/59 time period so your call on painted aluminum lacquer or unpainted metal as the instruction sheet doesn't really say anything about that. It does say to be sure not to use the F-102 afterburner nozzle that comes in the kit as those were only used on ANG aircraft.

First up, in yellow, is a 525 TFS/27 TFW aircraft from Cannon AFB in 1959. The 27th is still there. The other with the checked tail and green nose stripe is from the 615 TFS/401 TFW in 1958 when based at England AFB. This unit went to Spain and went away after Desert Storm and the USAF's departure from Spain.

As with the other F-100 sheets, this one includes a great stencil sheet that include a nice set of 'remove before flight' tags for you to add to landing gear pins and such.

April 2005

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