Aeromaster 48-725: F-100D Super Sabre pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

Always good to see new F-100 Super Sabre sheets. This one is for the only good 1/48 F-100 around, the Monogram version. There is one by ESCI, but it really should be avoided as it is not well done. Both of these planes are from 1959 so it is quite probable that they are painted aluminum lacquer rather than unpainted metal. Your choice, really, as I doubt anyone will call you on it!

OK, you have two very colorful options. The one in red trim is from the 417 TFS, 50 TFW based at Ramstein and is the squadron CO's plane. The other is from the 352 TFS, 354 TFW at Myrtle Beach AFB. A nice stencil sheet with 'remove before flight' tags is provided on an additional sheet.

April 2005

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