Aeromaster 48-717: F-100D USAF Super Sabre pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Nice to see new sheets for the F-100D as they came is so many colorful schemes. This sheet has two of them on it and it is designed for the Monogram kit. There is a 1/48 kit by ESCI as well, but really, it is a bid of a dog and I wouldn't buy one to use. If you have one already, then go for it as it will probably work just fine. Both these planes are from 1959 so may be painted aluminum lacquer rather than being unpainted metal. No information to that extent is given, but I don't think you'd be chastised one way or the other.

First aircraft has the multiple colors of the Wing Commander's plane from the 27 TFW/832 AD in 1959. This plane was based at Cannon AFB, NM.

The other is also from the 27 TFW, in this case the 481st TFS. As is befitting this squadron, the aircraft is trimmed in green.

Included in this set is a sheet of stencils and 'remove before flight' tags. Enough insignia and such are provided for both aircraft on the sheet.

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