Aeromaster 48-716: Southern European Mustangs part 3

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains markings for four unpainted metal Mustangs. The recommended kit is by Tamiya, but you can easily use others, though the decals may require some adjustment to fit properly. All the P-51Ds are early variants without the fin fillet, so the modeler will have to remove this feature or find a replacement tail from aftermarket sources.

First up is an F-6D named 'Lil Margaret'. This was piloted by Capt. Clyde B. East, the highest scoring recce ace of the ETO. His plane has a blue spinner to match the checks. The sheet recommends painting the fin white then applying the checks but has provided alternate markings.

Next is 'Cathy II' with a red nose/spinner and yellow fuselage band. There are also yellow bands around the wings and tail planes.

'Spare Parts' also has a red nose but a full yellow tail section.

Finally, there is 'Julie', marked in a similar way to 'Cathy II'. Though no unit information is supplied (and I do hope this is not a trend), these last three planes are from the 52nd Fighter Group.

The sheet provides enough common markings and insignia to do one of the options.

April 2006

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