Aeromaster 48-692;Yellow nose Mustangs of the 361 FG pt 4

Units: 361 FG




Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the P-51s of the 361st FG, this sheet suggests the Tamiya Family of kits, but there are others by Hasegawa, Monogram, Otaki, Hawk and so on that would probably do just as well. All are in bare metal with OD upper surfaces of some extent or the other.

First up is 'Ferocious Frankie' of the 374 FS in mid 1944. This one has Invasion Stripes on the underside, but on the upper wing they have been over-painted in OD. Note that there is no fin fillet.

'Sweet Thing II' is from the the 374 FS as well. Like the previous plane it has no fin fillet and has Invasion Stripes on the underside. The upper wing is totally repainted in OD.

From the 375 FS comes this unnamed P-51D. It also sports Invasion Stripes on the underside and an upper wing that is painted entirely in OD. Like the previous aircraft, the small panel that covers the gun barrels is painted yellow.

Finally, the lone P-51B, also from the 374 FS. 'Bald Eagle' has the upper wing Invasion stripes over-painted, and has blue/yellow stripes along the lower edge of the nose anti-glare panel, rudder trim tab, and wing tips.

A great sheet with enough insignia to do three of the four planes and enough data to do two.

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