Aeromaster 48-691: Marauding Mitchells pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

Good sheets come in pairs and this one is pt 4 of the B-25 Best Sellers. Still concentrating on the Southwest Pacific, this one has a couple of more 345 BG Mitchells. In fact, both are from the 500th BS with red forward cowlings. They are both in OD over Neutral Grey with open tail positions and side gun packages. They also both have a white stripe around the fuselage behind the wing.

First up is 'Boom Boom' which has a rather ferocious shark mouth on it. The nose is over-painted other than the very forward section. It also has a tail gunner's position, though it had to be uncomfortable for the gunner. An addendum sheet (now shown) provides faded blue insignia if you want to use it.

The other is the famous 'Tondelayo', probably the most well-known B-25 to have every flown outside the Doolittle Raid. Like the previous plane, this is a D-1 version with ejector exhaust and the early gun package on the side.

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